An animation professional. A student of fine arts for life. A nature lover and a complete dreamer.

I have been associated with the Animation & Vfx Industry for  8 years. Currently working with MPC Film, Bangalore, I have worked with companies like Prana Studios, Riva Digital, Vertex Volt, EFX Prasad etc., in past. Have worked on CG and VFX films as well as gaming projects with high detail and realism.

With Prana Studios I have worked on Lighting and Hair Simulation also on two different Projects.

I have worked on CG projects like Legends  Of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, Tinker Bell series, Saving Santa, Disney Planes: Fire and Rescue, Porquoi J’ai Pas Mange Mon Pere, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Mr India (4D ride @Adlabs Imagica) and some more cinematic rides for Bollywood Parks, Dubai.

I enjoy Painting, Photography, sketching in my leisure time. If nothing I love doodling with pencil. Here in this blog you can have a look at some of my works from Past.


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