An animation professional. A student of fine arts for life. A nature lover and a complete dreamer.

I have been associated with the Animation & Vfx industry for 7 years. In past I have worked with companies like Prana Studios, Riva Digital, Vertex Volt, EFX Prasad etc. as a Texturing Artist. Have worked on CG and VFX films as well as gaming projects with high detail and realism.

With Prana Studios I have worked on Lighting and Hair Simulation also on two different Projects.

I have worked on CG projects like Legends  Of Oz: Dorothy’s Return, Tinker Bell series, Saving Santa, Disney Planes: Fire and Rescue, Porquoi J’ai Pas Mange Mon Pere, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Mr India (4D ride @Adlabs Imagica) and some more cinematic rides for Bollywood Parks, Dubai.

I enjoy Painting, Photography, sketching in my leisure time. If nothing I love doodling with pencil. Here in this blog you can have a look at some of my works from Past.

Below is my showreel which consists of my work from the released projects. You can please watch:


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